"While this is the first time the Bank has used EBS, the product and materials that were presented to us were extraordinary, technically compliant and particularly informative. Amy Kaiser's attention to detail and unqualified support for follow up questions and research is a value added service that goes beyond any commitment engaged through a paper agreement."
"Executive Benefit Solutions is a valued resource for guiding the bank through a complex area. Amy Kaiser is a most knowledgeable and thorough provider of the professional counsel required to establish a competitive benefit program."
"Amy Kaiser has been extremely helpful administering our company's nonqualified SERP plans. Her insight managing our benefit costs, and her proactive nature keeping the bank current on tax, accounting and regulatory issues has been invaluable. We also appreciate her responsiveness to our inquiries and her assistance dealing with our external auditors. Working with Amy is always a pleasure."
"When ILS was divested from Lockheed Martin we were faced with replacing executive benefit plans without the resources to establish and maintain them. We were fortunate to be referred to Executive Benefit Solutions and have Amy Kaiser as our TPA. Amy has clarified extremely complex benefit issues, coordinated our insurance funding, provided feedback on plan documentation, and supported us in getting on track with accounting and reporting, internal documentation and administration. It was imperative for us to have an independent consultant working for the best interests of ILS and its executives. Amy has made herself available countless times and has always provided guidance without conflicts of interest."
Joan Meyer
Chief Financial Officer
Chicago, IL
Everett Stiles
Former Chief Executive Officer/Chair
Waynesville, NC
Rob McClure
Chief Executive Officer
Upper Sandusky, OH
Stephanie Langley
Vice President
McLean, VA
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