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Section 409A
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Split Dollar Plans
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IRS Expands Section 409A Correction Program
US Supreme Court Rulings to Impact Nonqualified Plans
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Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
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* FICA Tax Refund Opportunity for Unpaid Benefits
Managing State Taxation of Deferred Compensation
* IRS Clarifies Treatment of Split Dollar Changes
FIN 48: Administrative Overview
New Ruling Disqualifies Certain Performance-Based Pay
SEC Dissatisfied with Executive Compensation Reporting
New Accounting Rules Possible for BOLI/COLI
IRS Eases MEC Tax Provision
* FASB Requires Accruals for Collateral Split Dollar
Bank Regulators Provide Relief to Banks with DB Plans
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* Last Chance to Cash In on Federal Tax Breaks
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The Nonqualified Advisor - Oct/Dec 2009
* IRS Launches 409A Audit Initiative
* Tax Reminder: BOLI/COLI Informational Return
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Employer-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI/COLI)
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IRC Section 409A
(Updated 3/29/10)
The 3 Prongs of a Reasonable Rate of Interest
The Nonqualified Advisor - Jan/Mar 2010
* A Correction Program for 409A Plan Documents...Finally!
* IRS Identifies 419 Insurance Plan as "Listed Transaction"
* Interesting Trends