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Helping Clients Grow Stronger Through Executive Benefit Programs

Our Goals
Clients receive objective, unbiased consultation and analysis on complex issues affecting nonqualified benefits and informal funding.

As a boutique firm, our clients receive better, faster, and more personalized service.

Our fees reflect low overhead compared with other national firms.

As an independent advisor, we can work with any financial consultant or life insurance carrier.

Avoid any conflict of interest among benefit consultants selling financial products.

We have extensive experience with complicated and/or "messy" plans, in the event
special help is needed.
Amy L. Kaiser, founder of EBS, is a CPA with over twelve years of consulting experience on issues ranging from nonqualified deferred compensation, employer-owned life insurance, strategic tax planning, audit defense, financial accounting, and bank regulatory issues. For the past several years, Amy has been dedicated to the banking industry helping financial institutions maintain the "edge" they need to attract, enhance and retain key employees. She also serves as a technical advisor and resource for BOLI/COLI providers and benefit consulting firms.

Prior to establishing EBS, Amy Kaiser served as a technical advisor on nonqualified deferred compensation and BOLI for Clark Consulting, one of the nation's largest BOLI sales and service organizations. As a national resource for the firm, Amy represented the firm's banking practice before bank regulating agencies, examiners, FASB staff and national accounting firms. Prior to joining Clark Consulting, Amy spent five years at KPMG LLP where she was involved in the plan, design and implementation of corporate reorganizations. She also spent five years in government where she was active in public tax policy and corporate audit.
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Executive compensation and benefits have become increasingly complicated over the years. Our goal has always been to educate and bring clarity to nonqualified deferred compensation and informal funding options. We strive to simplify the compliance and administration process so that our clients can focus on what they do best. Among the advantages of working with us:
Nonqualified Benefit Plans
Split Dollar Plans
IRC Section 409A
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Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS) is an independent consulting firm dedicated to the design and administration of nonqualified deferred compensation and tax-effective benefits for key executives.  Our fee-for-service structure offers objective, unbiased consultation on benefits, independent review of BOLI/COLI programs, and custom benefit administration.

As a service provider, we take a high-touch approach to plan design, implementation, compliance and administration.  Our flexible services coupled with our understanding of the regulatory environment enable us to develop highly effective, creative solutions that fit the needs of our clients.
As a technical resource for plan sponsors and benefit consulting firms, we focus on trends, changes in the environment, and the technical aspects of establishing and maintaining nonqualified benefits, split dollar plans and BOLI/COLI.  We devote a significant amount of time to research and analysis so that our clients have the most up-to-date information to share with plan participants and policyholders of employer-owned life insurance.